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In Mr Juggler, you play as a juggler who has to use his incredible skills to keep as many balls in the air as possible, without letting a single one drop to the ground.

The best part about Mr Juggler is that, besides playing exciting short rounds, the gameplay is pretty easy to get the hang of: you'll use two fingers to tap on the juggler at the exact moment when the balls are falling into his hands. When you tap the screen, the ball will fly up again, over his head and into his other hand as you continue to play, going until you beat the level.

The levels in Mr Juggler aren't infinite, so the difficulty increases as you advance through each of the 40 levels that make up the game. These levels are also divided into two difficulties: normal, which is good for all ages; and expert, which is good for players who want a challenge.

With every level you beat, you'll get stars that you can use to get new skins for your characters or other objects to juggle instead of balls.
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